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Plot Diagram

Introduction-We meet Ponyboy Curtis when he steps out of the movie house, all he could think about was Paul Newman and a ride home.. he couldn’t find a ride home so he starts walking and gets jumped by a group of Socs. They cut his throat and some of his friends from his gang ‘the Greasers’ came and save him. ” I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.”

Inciting Event- There are 3 things that set off the inciting event, 1 When Ponyboy got home late, 2 When Darry Hit Ponyboy 3 When Johnny and Ponyboy fell asleep in the lot. All these reasons all link together in one way, Johnny and Ponyboy fell asleep in the lot than when Ponyboy came home it was really late so Darry hit him and then Ponyboy and Johnny ran away to the park and then Bob came and tried to drown Ponyboy and then Johnny stabbed Bob with his switch Blade.

Rising action-  1: Ponyboy, Dally and Johnny drive by the church and it was burning.
2: They go inside the burning church and saved the kids inside the church and Johnny becomes badly burned.

3: Ponyboy talks to one of the Socs about the rumble.

4: Go to the rumble.

5: Dally and Ponyboy go and tell Johnny about the good news ( they won the rumble)

Climax 1: Johnny dies with Dally and Ponyboy in front of him. :(

Falling action- Every one calms down… well… all, but Dally…

Climax 2: Dally robbed a store, and the police shot him. :(

Denouement- Ponyboy gets a letter from Johnny and he believes everything will be okay! :)

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